Girl Up Award – Winner
Linda Mulvey!!!

Linda has been an integral part of the #iwa2019 team, overseeing the social media side of the events & a little bit extra too!
The Girl Up Campaign has evolved over the years. It started as a digital campaign but now grown into actual awards. “The overall concept as girls and women, is that none of us find the success that we have in any aspect of our life without other girls and women championing us along the way.”

Thank you for all your hard work, Linda!
#GirlUpAward #Winner

Women in Leadership – Highly Commended

Maura Jackson has been a CEO for 11 years, 7 years at BACKUP (Bolton Young Persons Housing) and is chair of Endeavour Domestic Abuse Charity, which has helped thousands of women and their families escape unfortunate situations. A deserving highly commended woman in the Women in Leadership category.

Thank you, Maura Jackson! #WomenInLeadership #HighlyCommended

HER-Abilities – Winner
Mona Patel!!!

An Equality & Diversity Specialist, Mona has been working at Manchester Metropolitan University for over nineteen years, committed to creating a positive environment for all.
In 2017, Mona helped MMU become the first university to attain the Gold Disability Standard award – one of just six organisations to achieve this award. Her dedication to inclusivity has helped create the E&D Champions network, consisting of over 30 staff members acting as agents of change in Equality and Diversity. Mona has also set up an MMU Women’s Network – offering a platform for women to talk about their experiences in a safe environment, free to discuss and provide support.
In 2014, Mona won the Staff Award for ‘Outstanding Contrubtion to the University’s Values’.
On the side, Mona is a Volunteer for the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation, and managed to organise and host the first ever GNEM patient day in the UK, bringing together patients and experts in the field of GNEM to discuss research and care.
Living with GNEM has taught Mona about Resilience and empathy. It has given her the power to confront her barriers and cultural stigma. It has pushed her to make a difference the lives of others, for herself and especially for others living with and caring for individuals with GNE Myopathy.

Massive congratulations to you, Mona on winning an Inspire Award! #HERAbilities #Winner

HER-Abilities – Highly Commended

Jen Blackwell shows brilliant conviction and generosity worthy of the HER Abilities category through all the charity work she does and for raising awareness of Downs Syndrome in such a positive way with her Dance troupe ‘DanceSyndrome’!

Thank you, Jen Blackwell! #HERAbilities #HighlyCommended

HeForShe Award – Winner
Chris Dawes!!!

Chris Dawes is the founder of, alongside his wife Lindsay. The two run a web design company together, priding themselves on giving inspiration women an online platform from which they can expand their business and achieve their goals.
Chris has assisted many women in pursuing their business ideas, including previous Inspire Women Award winners and nominees!
Through the use of his company & web design skills, Chris has donated over £12,000 to a number of charities over the past five years. These contributions can range from free websites to sponsoring minority groups, e.g. a disabled football team.
Chris is also an active member of a mentoring club, where he supports other business owners from all walks of life in achieving their goals – regularly assisting them with work and phone calls. He offers his support and boosts their confidence. When Lindsay decided quit her job and find herself, Chris took on all financial responsibilities whilst he continued to support her journey of self discovery and self confidence, retaining the faith she gave him when he began launching scruffymonkey.

Congratulations on winning the iwa2019 HeForShe Award, Chris!!!!
#HeForShe #Winner

Women in Technology – Highly Commended

Patricia Keating truly inspires us with her with ‘TechManchester’, a non-profit organisation that Patricia is an executive director for, supporting early stage tech companies and helping mentor young individuals interested in exploring careers in technology.

Thank you, Patricia Keating! #WomenInTechnology #HighlyCommended

Women in STEM – Highly Commended

Margaret Emsley’s work in the STEM field hasn’t gone unnoticed. As a role model to many young girls, Margaret has worked with the Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) to inspire countless women and young girls in the STEM field.

Thank you for your inspiring work in the STEM Field, Margaret!
#WomenInSTEM #HighlyCommended