Women in IT- Julie O’Hara-Gradwell #Finalist2018

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I left my corporate position after 30 years in marketing, media and sales after hitting the big 50 …

I am founder & sole owner of JGMN MARKETING MEDIA & NETWORKING

These years of experience lead me to develop JGMN. A business & social media platform for small businesses, offering an affordable extra arm to their business, our aim is to elevate their business through the eyes of a professional, throwing out creative ideas and savvy business & marketing knowledge, whilst producing business plans & strategies, with affordable individual packages to suit each client.

Why did I set up the company? I felt there was a missing cog in the market place for the small business to develop and grow organically. Small local businesses were being left behind by the big players, who could afford the salary of a strategic Marketing team. My commitment in offering my skills, helps my clients achieve the growth they want. It is so important to the JGMN team that we get to know our clients. We want to ensure “their” voice is heard through their social media platforms (not ours).

We are a crazy mix of personalities with attributes and skills from marketing pros, networkers, techies and social media gurus. The whole team are dedicated to help businesses develop brand awareness through social media, we use it for our clients to reach out to a wider audience than any other form of advertising.

As we all know social media is becoming more powerful day by day, If your not using social media and ‘networking’ your competitor will get that first date…. first impressions count…


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