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Panel 1

The 2018 Inspire Charity Awards

Charity Volunteer Award

Charity Fundraiser/ Campaigner Award

Charity Leader Award


Panel 2

The 2018 Inspire Social Awards

Teacher of the Year Awrd

Mentor of the Year Award

Carer of the Year Award


Panel 3

The 2018 Inspire Sports Awards

Coach of the Year Award

Individual Sporting Achievement Award

Sports Team Award


Panel 4

The 2018 Inspire Industry Awards

Women in Food & Farming               Women in Manufcaturing

Women in Engineering                      Women in Construction

Women in Hospitality                        Women in Banking

Women in Hair & Beauty                   Women in Fashion

Women in Holistic Therapies            Women in IT

Women in Housing                              Women in Law


Panel 5 

The 2018 Inspire Business Awards

Apprentice of the Year Award

Start Up Entrepreneur Award

Business Woman of the Year Award


Panel 6 

The 2018 Inspire Special Awards

Transformational Woman Award

Anna Kingley Interfaith Award

Women Rights Award

Outstanding Senior Woman Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Woman of the Year Award