Passionate PT- Charlotte Foster #Finalist2018

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‘Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion’
I love my career as a Personal Trainer and during my seven years within the industry I have inspired people to push through the hard times, taught people to never give up and helped people achieve goals they never thought possible. Every individual must start somewhere and I’m their somewhere. I teach, support, motivate and encourage them towards a healthier lifestyle.
My passion for Personal Training (PT) was at its highest when I took the opportunity to create my own PT studio, Attract Fitness, which opened in November 2017 to the people of Bolton. I wanted to create a space that broke down any barriers an individual may have on self-image or feeling conscious around other people, the studio is exclusive to each client that comes through the door. Everything is tailored towards them from nutrition plans & exercise programmes to the smaller things like lighting and music, which can really create the appropriate ambience for the client or clients. I’m proud of the space I have created and in 4 months have built a strong client base that

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